Quotes Deutsche Bank Prize

Isabelle Werth (GER)

“I am so happy with Emilio. We were able to improve day by day here in Aachen. Today he was back to his top form. In my opinion that was our best Grand Prix so far. The atmosphere here in this stadium with the fantastic crowd is simply gigantic. Our ride fitted in so well with the music. The feeling when the crowd cheered and clapped when I rode the last centre line was simply indescribable. Simply a fantastic day! And all of that after this extremely exciting week with its ups and downs. Nobody knew what was going to happen the next day, whether a rider would have a good day or a bad day. It really was a thrilling dressage week. Even the weather played along this week!”

“The CHIO Aachen really is an exceptional show. Everyone knows that I love Aachen! Aachen is the best show in the world alongside Olympic Games and Championships. The whole atmosphere, this combination between sporting event and a folk festival is something totally special.”

Kasey Perry-Glass (USA)

“I have always believed in my horse. It has been a long journey. 2016 was our first Grand-Prix year and we both came up very fast. Somehow that became too much. 2017 was a learning curve for us. Then, I gave him a break and I needed a break too. That paid off because he has come back stronger. And we put in a great performance today in Aachen. We were well attuned to each other and my horse was extremely eager to demonstrate his skills. I am simply delighted with this result and am happy to be up here with these guys.”

Laura Graves (USA)

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to demonstrate our top performance yesterday and made a few mistakes that are very untypical for us. That was a shame, but that is our sport – especially when one is competing against so many other top international riders. One never knows in advance who is going to head the ranks in the end. That is the challenge in our sport to be able to call up top performances at the right moment in time. Isabell is right it really was a very exciting and crazy dressage week in Aachen (laughs). My horse was still a bit nervous like yesterday. I have to give him a bit more time from show to show to get used to this stadium atmosphere.”