Quotes Rolex Grand Prix

Marcus Ehning (GER)

“Pret a Tout has an incredibly good nature. He knows his job, he recognises the heights and he really made it easy for me today. For him it is an additional motivation when he enters this huge stadium and the crowd cheers him on. There is no better crowd than here in Aachen!”

“The jump-off went really well for me. But I have to get two things off my chest: I am very grateful that Rolex sponsors this fantastic prize for us riders. However, the Rolex fences are terrible for us riders (grins).”

“Today was our day. I already had a great first round, a fantastic second round and a jump-off that suited me down to the ground. The first round was definitely more difficult than the second, but there were a lot of obstacles in both. The competition was made for me today! I was the most nervous watching Luciana’s ride in the jump-off. But my horse is in super shape! I’d also already sensed that in the Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup.”

“I will have to take some time to think about whether to compete in Calgary, because I had already set my priority on the World Equestrian Games in Tryon before winning the class today. Now it is a new situation. I won’t be making that decision this evening though.”

Luciana Diniz (POR)

“Fit for Fun was very good and it was fantastic to be here in Aachen and to take part in the Rolex Grand Prix. I watched Marcus‘ ride in the jump-off and I took him as the role model and wanted to do it even better, but I didn’t have the same flow. It only sufficed to take second place. I have come second in the Rolex Grand Prix three times now. Perhaps I can do even better next time and actually win (grins).”

Pedro Veniss (BRA)

“It went very well for us today. It was a dream come true for me to ride in Aachen here. Because it is the first time that I have competed here. So I am of course very, very happy with my result today!”